FLIX CV Adds Full Executive and Professional Recruiting Services to Its Client Offerings

Flix CV has expanded its service offering to include end-to-end search in its next step in establishing a new recruiting standard.

Flix CV has added to its unique service offering full recruiting support for clients looking for a full-service recruiting option for executive and professional positions.

“We are extremely proud that our clients have found our proprietary highlight reels an integral part of their recruiting efforts,” says Paxton. “We are humbled to have earned the trust of our clients and have answered their call to offer further assistance in other aspects of their recruitment process.”

In the full-service offering, the first exposure clients will have of all Flix CV candidates will always be the Flix CV propriety highlight reel. With an absence of non-compete contracts, coupled with their expansive database of candidates, Flix CV ensures their clients will have access to the largest potential pool of qualified talent. Flix CV has stated that through utilization of their technologies, recruitment fees will be far lower than search industry norms and the time to fill a role will be faster.

Paxton states, “I guarantee your satisfaction with our candidates or we will conduct the search again at no cost.”

Originally posted 2023-05-03 20:29:05.