Tampa’s Enable Me, U.S. distributor of Vela Mammography Chair, Urges disabled women to follow CDC mammography guidelines

TAMPA/ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (Nov. 2, 2023) – Enable Me, the U.S. distributor of the clinically-designed Vela Mammography Chair, today urged women with disabilities to visit the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Right to Know website to understand the importance of regular mammograms following studies that conclude fewer women with disabilities are having the procedure.

The CDC discovered that the barriers include:
• Thinking, “It won’t happen to me”
• Focusing on other health issues
• Difficulty with positioning while getting a mammogram
• Not knowing where to go for accessible screening
• Inaccessible facilities and equipment
• Healthcare provider’s knowledge and attitudes

Additionally, the CDC recommends letting the scheduling staff, radiology technicians, or radiologist know if you can/cannot:
• Sit upright with or without assistance.
• Lift and move your arms.
• Transfer from your chair/scooter.
• Undress/dress without assistance.
you have any disability-related concerns, discuss them with your primary care physician, women’s health specialist, radiologist, physician’s assistant, or other healthcare professional.
“Of course, the clinically-designed Vela Mammography Chair is appropriate and encouraged for use by able-bodied women who prefer to sit during the procedure,” commented Mike Laky, CEO of Enable Me.
Enable Me, headquartered in Tampa for 25 years, provides high-quality assistive and rehabilitation devices across the United States to families and caregivers who understand the value of its stable, secure, user friendly mobile seating products that enhance the users’ quality of life and independence. Clients also include the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, Department of Defense, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, university hospitals, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, Apple, and Harvard, among a host of other clients.
Media Contact: Michelle Griffith, APR
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Originally posted 2023-11-04 21:03:40.