Many homeowners are often worried about remodeling their compact bathrooms. There’s always the fear that limited space availability in the bathroom won’t let you refurbish it as per your style and passion. But all these concerns are about to go away as this article will share some tips to transform your bathroom into a stylish and functional oasis now, particularly if you’re from Tampa, Florida.

According to reports by Bay News, 77,000 Tampa homeowners in 2021 sought permits for home renovation projects. Many homeowners invest in bathroom makeovers for increased aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency.

So, if you’re interested in creating a space that feels larger and reflects your style, then follow these suggestions when remodeling your bathroom:

  1. Install a senior-friendly walk-in tub

Larger bathtubs can make the entire bathroom feel cramped and ruin your shower experience. That’s why many Americans are experimenting with different standard bathroom alternatives, such as a jet tub, soaking tubs, and freestanding bathtubs.

But an even more space-saving and stylish replacement would be to install a walk-in bathtub. Since Tampa has almost 13% of its population aged 65+ (according to, getting a senior-friendly walk-in tub will be a lucrative bathroom remodeling for this summer.

We suggest getting in touch with Tampa walk-in tub installation services for quotes, your budget, and general information regarding bathroom remodeling projects. Tampa-based contractors will offer a variety of accessories to customize your bathtub and optimize your bathroom’s layout.

Moreover, walk-in tubs are more hygienic, lower the chances of falls/slips, and combat limited mobility issues. They maximize the bathroom space with style!

  • Use sunlight to your advantage.

Give your compact bathroom the translucent window treatment to allow more sunlight in the compact space. These windows will allow daylight to filter through while maintaining privacy. Installing a skylight can also create an airy ambiance in the bathroom.

Natural light makes limited space look more expansive and welcoming. If that’s not possible, then look for creating lighting solutions.

For instance, a well-placed combination of wall sconces, pendant lights, or even LED strips can easily bring more sophistication to your small bathroom while creating a layered and inviting atmosphere.

  • Opt for a rather cohesive design.

Your bathroom’s design and layout play an important role in retaining its stylish yet spacious façade. So, choose a cohesive design theme to create a harmonious look in your small bathroom space. It’ll give even a compact bathroom the illusion of spaciousness without compromising its elegance.

In other words, avoid excessive design themes or overbearing patterns in the bathroom. It can make a limited space appear more cluttered and congested. Instead, it would be best to opt for minimalist design approaches, i.e., clean lines, simple patterns, and elegant finishes to maximize the limited space.

  • Choose the right bathroom color scheme.

Choosing the right color scheme when repainting the bathroom can make a small space appear more expansive and roomier. You should use lighter hazes when recoloring the bathroom, such as white or sky-blue, as these hues reflect more light and visually expand small areas.

Both off-white and classic white are excellent shades for bathroom remodeling. You may experiment with blush pink and light grey as well. Similarly, reflective surfaces, like glossy tiles or mirrored cabinets, enhance the sense of openness in your bathroom and boost its spaciousness easily.

  • Let mirrors maximize limited space.

When it comes to reflective surfaces, mirrors are exactly what you need to maximize your bathroom space. Your bathroom makeover plans should include installing life-size mirrors in the space to reflect ample sunlight and improve the area’s aesthetic appeal.

A large mirror above the sink or on a full wall will help you add more depth to your limited bathroom space with stylishness and sophistication. And there’s no lack of different creative ideas to leverage mirrors for increasing your bathroom space:

  • Covering a wall with a mirror
  • Placing the mirror in the corner
  • Install a mirrored medicine cabinet
  • Don’t leave any dead space behind

Dead space in your bathroom can make it look dull, charmless, and unfinished. You can utilize this free space to decorate your small bathroom to your taste and enhance the functionality of the confined area.

Here are some decent ideas to utilize the dead space to its utmost potential:

  • Get some artwork to make your bathroom look more stylish
  • Put a table/bench on any empty spaces on the bathroom floor
  • Fill dead spaces on the wall by hanging some additional cabinets
  • Closed ottomans seem like the right accessories to go under a cabinet
  • Avoid overdoing it; otherwise, you’ll end up filling the space with clutter
  • Use vertical storage options

When the limited availability of space creates storage issues, it’s time to think tall. In other words, use vertical storage solutions to make more space in your confined bathroom with style.

Place a little tray on top of your toilet tank, put up shelves high up to the roof, and buy long shower curtains to create the illusion of an extra-high ceiling. Make your bathroom look taller than it is!

  • Incorporate open shelving and niches.

Incorporate built-in niches and open shelves to get additional storage in the bathroom while retaining its open and airy feel. Open shelving serves as a decent display space where you can place decorative items and enhance the aesthetic looks of your bathroom.

Moreover, you can showcase plants, candles, and neatly-folded bath towels on these shelves to reflect your flair for bathroom refurbishing.

However, don’t forget to stay organized when decorating the bathroom and avoid clutter. You may choose functional accessories to exhibit different decorative assortments in the limited space.

  • Add some plants here and there.

Strategically-placed bathroom plants purify the air, enhance relaxation, and improve the aesthetics of the cramped surface. But they can also create a visual connection to the outdoors, thereby expanding the bathroom visually.

Every inch counts in a confined bathroom. So, use hanging plants or fake wall-mounted plants to bring greenery to eye level without occupying precious floor space.

These common bathroom plants, such as Golden Pothos, Dragon’s Kiss, Violet Campanula, and others, add depth and dimension to your bathroom with their vibrant colors and organic shapes.

That’s how the bathroom becomes a spacious environment while infusing your style and taste too.


You can easily transform your compact into a spacious and stylish sanctuary by making the most of every inch of your small bathroom.

Incorporate plants, mirrors, sunlight, open shelving, and other ways to maximize the space. Utilize dead space to improve the bathroom’s functionality and make it accessible via a walk-in tub. These simple makeover ideas will boost the practicability of your bathroom space

Originally posted 2023-07-11 16:04:14.